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eutempusglobe.org: home of GLOBE - An European Union Tempus Project
eutempusglobe.org: home of GLOBE - An European Union Tempus Project

Summary of the Project

GLOBE (Good Practice Guidelines and Legislation Reform On Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies in Design and Built Environment Engineering) is clearly defined as a complementary measure under TEMPUS framework, aimed to help the institutions from Serbia and Montenegro to pursue further reforms in their higher education system. The specific objectives of the project are carefully formulated and are specific, measurable, and realistic in relation to the relatively short duration of the project of 47 weeks. GLOBE aims:

  1. To provide guidelines on the methods, procedures and other auxiliary activities required to assess economic and educational sustainability of newly developed courses, emphasising the role of industry and cooperation on the new postgraduate courses (SO1)
  2. To provide guidelines on the development of project-based interdisciplinary courses, to suit the needs of the local and regional construction industry (SO2)
  3. To provide guidelines on the suitability of well experienced professionals from the local/regional industry, to be appointed as visiting lecturers on interdisciplinary postgraduate engineering courses (SO3)
  4. To provide guidelines on the accreditation of postgraduate interdisciplinary courses with appropriate professional bodies and the Government (SO4)
  5. To provide guidelines on the adoption of lifelong learning strategy in all universities, i.e. to promote the links between the academia and the local/regional industry by means of lifelong knowledge transfer (SO5)
  6. To provide guidelines on the management of interdisciplinary research consortia consist of the professionals from both the industry and academia (SO6)
  7. To develop draft law on the university reform of interdisciplinary postgraduate studies in Serbia and Montenegro in relation to engineering studies (SO7)

The strength of GLOBE is not only the support, but direct involvement, of the Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection. It is believed that adopted dissemination strategy based on a project related web-site and publishing of a bilingual booklet is significant step to reach all professional interested in the subject from academics and civil servants to professionals in industry and adequate professional bodies. Furthermore, the bilingual guidelines booklet will be distributed to all academic and major built environment engineering institutions in the region. It is strongly believed that the GLOBE is a good value for money.