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eutempusglobe.org: home of GLOBE - An European Union Tempus Project
eutempusglobe.org: home of GLOBE - An European Union Tempus Project

The project description

GLOBE will provide the theoretical and practical foundation for the conceptualisation and development strategies by means of knowledge transfer from the institutions from the EU Member States to the institutions in the Partner Country.

The main outcome of the project will be formation of a group of fully trained academics and education related professionals in the Partner Country institutions, who will be able to disseminate the acquired knowledge and to pursue further implementations associated with interdisciplinary postgraduate programmes, not just in their own institutions but in all universities in Serbia and Montenegro. Furthermore, the group will be of invaluable help to the Ministry of Sciences and Environmental Protection in preparing new legislation which will back up reforms in the higher education sector in relation to development of interdisciplinary studies at the MSc and PhD level. Currently, there are no statutory possibilities for graduate engineers, for example, in civil engineering to pursue a postgraduate programme in architectural, mechanical or building service engineering.

GLOBE will meet short-terms needs in higher education at the universities of Serbia and Montenegro, particularly in the area of postgraduate studies in Built Environment Engineering by strategic reform of existing capacities laying down foundation for more meaningful cooperation between academia and the local/regional industry. The project will introduce programmes such as the UK-style Teaching Company Schemes, Lifelong Learning strategies, and interdisciplinary teaching programmes, which do not exist in Serbia and Montenegro. In this way, GLOBE is highly innovative in reform and development of higher education.