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eutempusglobe.org: home of GLOBE - An European Union Tempus Project

Added Value

EIA of the GLOBE Project

The GLOBE project team is determined to reduce emission of carbon dioxide in relation to the project. After detailed analysis, two workshops and seminars have been rescheduled, and the team has managed to cut a number of flights related to the project for 16. Our colleague Tamara Pejovic of Imperial College London has calculated the reduction of carbon dioxide emission achieved and detailed report will be published on our website soon (see EIA section).

36th HVAC Congress

At 36th HVAC Congress, held in Belgrade from 30th November to 2nd December 2005, a paper with title 'DEVELOPING SUSTAINABLE BUILT ENVIRONMENTS: A ROLE OF HVAC ENGINEERS?' was presented. Authors of this paper are the members of GLOBE Project team, Dr. Maja Djurovic-Petrovic, Dr. Zarko Stevanovic, Prof. Gradimir Ilic, Prof. Djordje Kozic, and Dr. Dejan Mumovic. This paper is also the presentation of the purpose and goal of GLOBE Project, as well as of the results achieved within this Project up till now. You can download the paper here.

GLOBE: Good Practice Guidelines and Legislation Reform on Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies in Built Environment Engineering

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